In CA it’s always about the water

In CA it’s always about the water

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California is surely not the only part of the U.S. where
water shortages are an issue, but the distribution of water there is
historically controversial with a lengthy and diverse oeuvre of films,
photography, and literature to accompany it. (Chinatown is one of my favorites.)

 So it’s no surprise that water
legislation is once again in the news there. Part of the controversy now concerns so-called “water buffaloes” calling for
water development by any means necessary, while conservationists try to protect
fish such as delta salmon and smelt, who are threatened by dams and pumps.

It’s a gigantic, complex issue. We have two comments about this under the Ballard party garden
post: “Ann” mentions possible subsidies for the Carlsbad flower growers, while
“Liisa”  says (among other
observations), “Many of the largest food suppliers not only get their water
either free or at a ridiculously low cost, they are able to sell it back to the
state. For a state that seems to be suffering from drought every year, this
appears to be folly.” 

I thought I’d give the water issue its own post; Gordon’s cantina didn’t seem quite the right forum. Water is not the popular beverage there.

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Elizabeth Licata
on August 21, 2009 at 9:35 am, in the category Gardening on the Planet, Ministry of Controversy.

    • Liisa
    • 16th June 2017

    LOL — I’m sorry I ruined the cantina atmosphere with my own personal rantings! It’s only 11AM here on the left coast, but I promise at the stroke of 12:01PM I will go drink something stronger than water as due penance. 🙂

    • admin
    • 8th July 2017

    I was afraid the cantina would capsize under the weight! Ha.

    • suzq
    • 3rd September 2017

    Liisa, it’s worth reposting your rant here as this is an issue generating a lot of interest.

    • Carole
    • 8th September 2017

    “Cheap” is a relative term because we don’t pay the full cost of produce, like cost of empty aquifers, cost of transportation, and environmental damage.

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