Toronto Flower Show Caves to Industry, Renegs on Showing Pesticide Film

Toronto Flower Show Caves to Industry, Renegs on Showing Pesticide Film

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Just in case you haven’t heard the news, here’s the sordid story on the SafeLawns blog.

Short version?  Members of Landscape Ontario, the province’s trade association representing the lawn industry, were pretty unhappy when they heard that A Chemical Reaction – the stirring documentary about the first town in Canada to ban lawn pesticides – was scheduled to be shown at the “Canada Blooms” show next March.  They lobbied, proposed that the screening be cancelled, and won in a vote of the Board of Directors.

Landscape Ontario’s response to the resulting outcry?  In part,

We do not feel we should be politicizing or polarizing people at a garden show. Canada Blooms is meant to be a celebration of horticulture and floriculture. We are not against showing the film nor are we against free speach (sic) and debate. In fact we encourage it. We just do not feel that Canada Blooms is the correct venue for doing this.


If you’d like to weigh in, click the SafeLawns link above to see the full list of Canada Blooms directors – the people to complain to.

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Susan Harris
on December 5, 2010 at 3:09 pm, in the category Ministry of Controversy.

    • admin
    • 1st January 1970

    Astonishing. My first reaction when I heard this–have they never BEEN to a food festival? There is absolutely nothing wrong with screening films of any kind at a garden show–and a thought-provoking documentary about lawn chemicals is exactly the kind of thing I’d LOVE to see in a venue like that!

    • Susan Tomlinson
    • 29th November 1996

    I am rendered speechless. Time to re-think whether we should go to events/conferences/symposiums sponsored by corporate interests, since that clearly means we are only allowed to hear the side of the story that butters the bread.

    • 13th August 2010

    Who says/expects that freedom of expression be ABSOLUTE in the first or third world?

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