How to look after your garden while on vacation

how to look after garden while on vacation

Going on vacation but worried about your garden and how to keep it alive while you’re away?

This is a challenge every gardener has been faced with!

How to look after your garden while on vacation

But before you go canceling your vacation plans, grab your to-do list and check out these tips for how to look after your garden while you’re on vacation.

Set up an automatic watering system

One of the biggest garden maintenance challenges while you’re on vacation is how to water your plants. This isn’t much of an issue if you’re only going away for a few days, but if you’re going on an extended vacation then you need a plan for watering your garden.

An automatic watering system is a great way to make sure your plants are regularly watered while away. Set up your system and test it out before your vacation, to make sure everything works properly.

Hire a gardener or a trust friend

Being friendly with your neighbors often pays off in the long run. See if you can get a neighbor or a friend to water your garden several times per week.

Or failing that, hire a gardener to do it for you. While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, at least you won’t be throwing out dead plants when you return home, something which is a bigger waste of money!

Harvest your fruits and vegetables before you leave

Harvest your fruits and vegetables before you leave, and share them with others if you have too many to consume. This prevents dealing with rotted fruits and vegetables on your return, which attracts birds, rodents and other creatures. And why waste all the produce?!

Top up mulch in your garden

Topping up your garden mulch prevents moisture from evaporating especially in the dead heat of summer. It also prevents weeds from growing and makes your yard look neat and less attractive to burglars.

Mulching is something that should be done every year or two so if you haven’t done it yet, why not do it before you go on vacation?

Don’t plant anything new until after you return

If you’re addicted to gardening like I am, you might be tempted to do a bit of shopping at your local nursery. But my advice is to wait until you return from vacation, otherwise that’s more plants that need looking after while you’re away. And young plants need more attention, something that you won’t be around to give.

Fertilize your plants before you leave

If it’s time to fertilize your garden, why not do it before going away? A good soak and fertilize before you leave gives you peace of mind. It’s one less thing to think about while you’re relaxing on holiday.

One final word

While there are things to think about and plan regarding your garden, going on vacation shouldn’t be a reason to stress about your plants and how to keep them healthy while you’re gone.

Getting some extra help from family, friends or a gardener, plus giving your garden some extra attention before you leave will ensure that everything looks good when you return home.